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Sammo Lusa

Portrait Sammo Lusa

My name is Sammo Lusa, I come from Buenos Aires, Argentina, I have lived in Italy and the USA. Since 1988 I am living Berlin. I have been leading open groups, workshops and trainings in the field of dance therapy for many years and have teaching experience in creative dance and acting.

Since 2002 I am a certified Biodanza teacher of the Biodanza School Berlin.
I have additional training in: Project Minotaur; Identity and the Four Elements; Identity, deep femininity and masculinity.

I am a member of the International Biodanza Federation.
Since 2011 I am Biodanza Didakta in Milano, Italy.
I work in Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Latvia.
For 14 years I have worked as a special therapist in biodanza in a clinic for psychiatry, psychotherapy, somatics and addiction medicine.