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Methodology III Sammo Lusa and Margarita Karger11.–12. JulyBerlin
The rescue of Archetypes with Cristiano Martins22.–23. AugustBerlin
Methodology V with Pablo Escorcia 12.–13. SeptemberBerlin
The archetypes of the 4 animals with Christiano Martins03. – 04. OktoberBerlin
Group Supervision with Sammo Lusa10.–11. OktoberBerlin
Methodology IV–V with Sammo Lusa16.–19. OktoberBerlin
Minotaur project Sammo Lusa and Susu Grunenberg07.–08. NovemberBerlin
Methodology I Semántica Musical Alejandro Balbi21.–22. NovemberBerlin
Vitality with Sammo Lusa05.–06. DecemberBerlin
Methodology VI–VII with Sammo Lusa11.–14. DecemberBerlin