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Affectivity with Susu Grunenberg21.–22. MarchBerlin
Methodologie II: The Biodanza session with Sammo Lusa04.–05. AprilBerlin
Contact and Caress with Cristiano Martins25.–26. AprilBerlin
Project Evolution with Myriam Sofia and Pablo Escorcia29.–31. May
Biological aspects with Jan Obrtel13.–14. JuneBerlin
Methodology III Sammo Lusa and Margarita Karger11.–12. JulyBerlin
The rescue of Archetypes with Cristiano Martins22.–23. AugustBerlin
Methodology V with Pablo Escorcia 12.–13. SeptemberBerlin
Biodanza Festival "Seed of Love"02. – 04. OktoberBerlin
Methodology IV with Sammo Lusa10.–11. OktoberBerlin
Minotaur project Sammo Lusa and Susu Grunenberg07.–08. NovemberBerlin
Methodology I Semántica Musical with Alejandro Balbi Toro21.–22. NovemberBerlin
Vitality with Sammo Lusa05.–06. DecemberBerlin
Methodology VI with Sammo Lusa12.–12. DecemberBerlin