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Minotaur Project


Inspired by The legend of Theseus and the Labyrinth, Minotaur project is the ritual inner journey that allows one to step into the labyrinth of one’s existence.

Whoever has gone through this labyrinth with his Divine Child, can hold themselves much stronger to the Ariadne thread, and guide others on their own jorney to the happiness and the bliss of being.

The Minotaur project is a transformational experience in order to establish better contact with this elementary power, to free our inner Minotaur, to accept it and to cherish its beauty and strength.

By means of individual challenges, we can meet our anxieties and fears and transform them into courage. The encounter with our own life’s crisis leads us to existential liberation.

with Sammo Lusa

7. and 8. Nov. 2020

Life Artists-Creators HUB
Milastr. 4
10437 Berlin

Limited places. Registration by contact form.