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and philosophical aspects of Biodanza

Since time immemorial, mankind has had the notion that the key to the reunion with the aliveness of the universe and the divine is revealed through the avenues of music, dance and intimate encounters.

This intimation of a deep connection with the divine is being depicted in the ancient myths and stories of many past and modern civilizations. The personal unfolding that is enabled by Biodanza is grounded in these stories and myths which human beings like us have been telling till today to give meaning to our existence.

During this weekend we will be encouraged to dance these myths and stories and uncover the transformative power they still hold for us today!

Life, Death and Resurrection

These mysteries can inspire us to renew health and vitality for living in our modern civilization.

DOCK 11 Berlin
Kastanienalle 79, 10453 Berlin
Saal 2

June 22nd–23rd, 2019
Times: Saturday and Sunday 9:30 till 18:00

Jade Wepener
Director of SRT Moscow, Russia
Jade was born in South Africa, and has moved to Tel Aviv, Israel after living in Portugal and Brazil